IV Conventus

Bruxelles (Belgium) 1935

Prof. Edmond Buys

President 01 the IV Conventus

He was one of the creators of speciality and he took part in the scientifìc activities of the new born Belgian ORL Society and became President in 1909. He cooperated also with the Universities ofTurin and Bologna.

Together with his fellow Camille Hennebert in 1887 he published many essays such as "The treatment of the atrophic rhinitis " and the essay "How to analyse the vestibular apparatus" published in 1909.

In 1906 together with L.Beco he wrote the Official relation of the Society with the title "The O RL development in Belgium". He was a good surgeon and he dedicated himself to the treatment of the suppurating complications of the ear.

In 1935 held the Presidency of the Latin ORL Societas.

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